Newest Updates for Tennis Plus - 7 Oct

Hello Tennis Plus at Queens Park Family,

We’re here with another update, and it’s a big one! From Thursday this week the first stages of our renovations will be done and dusted, 4 brand new championship courts, new lighting, new fences, new huts, new paths, new new new! To kick it off, we are holding a 5 setter between two of our young-gun coaches Cade (the thrasher) Birrell and Tommy (the grinder) Hamilton on Friday 9th Oct at 7pm.

From Wednesday 14th Oct we commence the second stage; saying goodbye to the remaining 6 courts for their revamping. Over the next few months we will be doing all that we can to accommodate our kids, adults and all in between on 4 courts. We apologise now for any inconveniences this may cause, however we know that in the end it’ll all be SO WORTH IT!

For the months during the upgrade the bowls carpark will have restrictions for access but the tennis parking will be fully operational off Queen Street.

Now that we have 4 beautiful new courts, we thought it would be the perfect addition to have a viewing space to match where parents and players can sit for a snack, coffee... or something stronger… overlooking the new courts - yes, we’re talking about the rooftop getting it’s very own makeover. Grab a drink from down in the pro shop café and take a look.

As always we are so thankful for how accommodating you have all been throughout the renovations. It means so much to us that you all have played such an important role in the upgrades, a tennis centre is nothing without a community behind it. It won’t be much longer and we hope that you guys are as excited about the final product as we are.

Thank you from,

Tennis Plus Queens Park Team

Date: 7th October 2020


Exciting Updates for Tennis Plus - 4 June

Dear Tennis Plus Queens Park Family,

We are excited to announce a start date for our upcoming centre upgrades!

As most of you know, this has been in the works for a long time and it is with great pleasure we can confirm that the construction process will start Monday JUNE 15th. 

This phase will involve the reinforcement and resurfacing of courts 1,2,6 and 7 as

well as a lighting upgrade. During this time the halfway hut and a percentage of

courts 3 and 8 will be non-operational. We will continue to use courts 4,5,9 and 10

throughout this process

As you can understand there are a fair few changes we will have to make to our

coaching, adult and court hire operations but we believe we have done everything possible to prepare for this scenario. Our goal is to make the upgrades as seamless a process as possible meaning we will be monitoring and improving our structure as the construction progresses.

We will be in contact over the next 2 weeks to discuss how this affects those with

current coaching passes, lessons, etc.

In the meantime if you have any concerns please look on our website

www.queensparktennis.com.au for group coaching time changes or ask at the pro shop for the new Term 3 flyer or call 07 55312725 to speak with one of our Tennis Plus team members.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during this difficult time with covid-19 restrictions. We will continue to have challengers ahead of us and the support of our tennis community is important to us.

Tennis Plus Management Team

June 4th


Concrete is down!

4 Beautiful courts ready for fence finishing and a lick of paint.